~~~ There is nothing like an unicorn armed with a fountainpen! ~~~~

And now for something combrletly different

The smell of sulfur hit the wizard as a loud popping sound of another failed spell was heard.

“Great, at this rate I’ll never get out of this tower,” he stated while trying to whisk away the smell and fumes.

He looked back at the broom which, as he noted, was still firmly placed against the wall. Had he only paid more attention back at wizarding-school, then he would have remembered how to get the damn thing levitating.

“Okay, let’s try with a different spell.” He opened his spellbook and started tracing the delicate vellum with his fingertips. While closing his eyes and emptying his mind, he focused on the words needed to get this broom flying, the broom began to stir and shake while slowly lifting into the air.

Feeling the spell went well, the wizard quickly opened his eyes!

BANG! Pieces of wood and bristles now littered the room as all his excitement quickly turned into disbelief. Still in shock, he threw his book across the room where it landed near an old arm chair and a cauldron.

His face lit up, “I always had bad grades for spell casting, but potions on the other hand ...” he exclaimed with a lively tone of voice while reaching into his knapsack taking out small bags of powder and some glass vials.

It took a few hours but now the cauldron was filled with a cloudy bubbling liquid which the wizard proceeded to carefully scoop out of the pot onto the lounge chair.

A glow emanated from the chair basking the room in light while it started to rumble and creak. The creaking of wood and ripping of fabric got worse as the light grew stronger and stronger, and with a last flash, the light disappeared and the silence returned.

“Yes, this will do nicely,” the wizard sighed in relief, as before him now stood an old green and yellow striped lounge chair sprouting two giant feathery wings.

Toetsenbord of pen...

Dit toestenbord typt zoooooo fijn.

Maar toch is het niet zo fijn als een gewoon pen en notitieblok.

Tuurlijk... met een vulpen kan ik het schrijven niet zo relaxt/lang vol houden als met een toetsenbord, Maar de pen zorgt er wel voor dat ik chiller kan nadenken.

Met een toetsenbord focus ik bijna meer op het mechanische (fu*kin spelling) ... en dat leidt af.

Ook ga ik soms te snel en moet ik dan corrigeren. wat ook de "flow" in de weg zit.

En toch kan ik de toetsaanslag van mijn Gateron brown switches waarderen!!

Spijtig dat ik thuis niet vaak genoeg de gelegenheid krijg om het te gebruiken.

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