~~~this is my tilde.club page~~~~

Oct 9 Very nice new welcome screen by ~ford in this place. Not knowing things is fine indeed. For that purpose, very nice work by ~anthonydpaul over at http://tilde.club/~anthonydpaul/primer.html. Super busy these days, I'll be applying to jobs soon. Learning new stuff will hopefully continue eventu- (accidentally backspaced into an emacs tutorial, but now I finally looked up how to get back out other than just restarting emacs) -ally.

Oct 4 I think I have the backspace figured out now! Already avoided it twice in the last two sentences. Anyways, eventually I want to try using JavaScript around here. What I haven't quite understood yet is why broadcasting stuff keeps popping into this emacs editor. They were talking about users who set up their pages and those who don't, calling them "tildos" and "tildon'ts". But I think the broadcast issue might be because I'm using the wrong thing (ssh client?) to connect to it. Aaah backspaced again...

Second session

I just came back to post a useful link about emacs. I keep hitting backspace. This opens up some sort of help menu. People broadcast messages that take over the screen as well. Some help menus it's impossible to get out of. Damn, backspace again. But those help menus usually don't pop up unless you backspace three times in a row.

First session

Just log in with your secure internet shell to change this file!OA


There is a lot going on here which I don't understand. I already figured out I can't use backspace. Emacs