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November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, well if you believe in Thanksgiving done the USA way (stop the chanting USA, this is not a sport - but that chanting is annoying too as it is the pure experience of decades of under funded education system in the US. But, while some may be enjoying turkey (you should be thankful for turkey, even if it is really dry) this house will be having duck. Duck is the always moist dark meat all the time solution to celebration poultry.

I did not give up on my lovely tilde home. I just forgot my keys, or the directions to my keys.

22 October 2015

See It hasn't been a year since the last update. I really am keeping this thing current.

Not only is this page still alive I'm still alive, which is a minor miracle given last winter's incidents. Whew!

See you in less than a year again.

29 October 2014

Like others on Tilde, I'm here for the freshly brewed nostalgia. The memories of hand coded HTML laid down in vi and mixed in perl cgi to give it some interaction (I'm about to donate all my old perl books to clear up a shelf to make way for books currently horizontally stacked not on shelves.

It is much more than the smell of vi in the morning or the fresh drying non-acetate glue used in digital cut and paste, it is the people and culture I have nostalgia for. It is the minds interacting across slow dial-up / ISDN / Corporate T1 where people were trying to sort out what all of this stuff was and is, but more importantly what will it all be. How could we make friends with this technology to get it to help us better connect.

The early days it was listserves and eventually good conferences not run by vendors, but designers, developers, and hackers (you know, the good kind) getting together to share how we did things to get them to work and how to make what we put out there friendlier to others for them to use. Many of the names on Tilde are familiar from the late 90s and early 00s as colleagues in this quest to better understand, build better, and better share. This was to be the foundation of the new way and a nascent nugget of utopia that would make it all (universally all) better. Many of us still hold that hope in the face of regression rather than progress as the promise of near future tech became the everyday norm for a band of us pre-early adopter types, but would still take 20 years for mainstream to stumble on watered down versions.

I'm still trying to sort out what I'm going to place here on Tilde as a side focus to redesigning my main home at, which is a side to other writing, presenting, workshops building and running, and pitching new projects, which is a side to doing work helping companies sort out how to better enable their employees and partners to do great work with tools, rather than have tools that stand in the way of getting things done.

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