~ tilde Tilde TILDE dammit

On the evidence, less is more.

The amount of bits and pieces necessary to assemble and run a modern Web site is very large; the barrier to entry can seem terrifying if you haven’t done it before or are a little out of practice.

But ~.club speaks to how much you can do with how little.

I suppose there are a huge number of people, full-time “Web professionals”, who’ve never had the sensation of typing live text into Web space, saving their progress, then refreshing their browser to see how it looks. [*refreshes*]

Then going back to tidy up infelicities. [*refreshes*]

You can assume the [*refreshes*] from here on in. Which is to say, no drafts or premeditation or sign-offs in this space.

Hand-rolling CSS is even sort of possible at the margins; as long as you’re willing to settle for merely acceptably readable on mobile.

The guy whose picture is at the top right is on display at the UBC Museum of Anthropology which is Vancouver’s #1 tourist attraction and don’t you forget it.