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If you're using Firefox or a browser based off of Firefox's web rendering engine, this page won't look right. I'm not fixing it. This page really needs to get rm'd off of here more than anything else.

Here, you'll find links to my YouTube channel, my YouTube channel's Facebook page, information on my computer setups and some other stuff.

Information About The Downtime

Why This Website Was Offline For Almost A Year

My YouTube Channel(and Related Links)

  • My YouTube Channel
  • My YouTube Channel's Facebook Page
  • My Main Computers

  • My Main Computer
  • My Main Laptop
  • My Video Capture Computer
  • My Computer Setups

  • My Main Computer Setup
  • My Video Capture PC Setup
  • My Tech Room Computer Setups
  • My Backup Computers

  • My Backup Laptop
  • My Backup Desktop Computers
  • My "Work In Progress" Computers

  • The HP Pavilion a1000y Desktop Computer
  • The Toshiba Tecra A2 Laptop
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