Welcome to ~sigilo.

This a personal website, it is intended to have no-JS, be minimalistic, and be simple. I plan to write mainly about tech, security, privacy, blah blah blah.

As you can see, this site is hosted on tilde.club, and I currently don't have hardware to host my website on. I would like to host a Tor mirror too, so, if you can host my website, or if you know somebody who offers Tor hosting for free, please contact me!


XMPP is my preferred contact method. Find me at sigilo[at]yourdata.forsale. These are my OMEMO fingerprints. I sometimes hang around the spyware MUC (spyware[at]conference.nuegia.net) If you don't like XMPP, you can contact me through email at mandarina[at]disroot.org. Please, use PGP. Obtain my key here.

Some websites I like

PS: I am not responsible for any illegal activity that they might do, and I'm am not associated with them in any way