"It's never too late to give up"

Classic inspirational quote

"Now nothing can go wrong"

Incantation to ensure immediate failure

It took too long to figure out a good intro for this page, so I'll just put this temporary filler in

I used to be pretty good at this computer stuff, but I've gotten quite rusty and forgotten a lot and then I'm pretty disappointed in the way the Internet have turned out since 2010. Guess that's why I'm here and also fascinated by the Gemini project. Might get round to set up the capsule, but these days I have only so much time to spend and so many other projects.

When I'm not complaining about the state of the world I have some othe interests:


Mainly C/C++. Looking into Python. Have had to deal with BASIC crap from the 90's
Coding style:Don't laugh, it compiles with less than 5 warnings and works 90% of the time
Comments: Usually regret I didn't
Controversial opinion: QT is the superior toolkit
Uncontroversial opinion: OpenGL with pure C is pain


Used to rock an SGI O2 with IRIX a long time ago when I collected old computers. Sadly sold it off because of space reasons which I now regret. Have run Linux as a daily driver since 2004 (Mandrake 10.1). Might try to do a BSD when I get around to doing something about my rig

Guess this will suffice for now, might get around to do css and style this up