Message By : The Tomato Master aka ZcOm8 aka Lenny
April 16, 2004
Finally an update...
12:00 PM
Well I've been gone latly and now Im back... I think its like the second to last day of spring break for me, and I still havnt done anything. Ive made some new icons, so if you wanta go check em out! I also did some articles on some good movies to watch... Other then that im pretty bored and thats about it...Oh and i almost forgot! Im gonna start loading my movies that i make at school onto this website so check em out!


I must warn you ahead of time...if you start watching this, you will never stop...well now you cant tell me i didnt warn you...right?


Message By : The Tomato Master aka ZcOm8 aka Lenny
April 7, 2004
Cant Freakin SlEEP!!
3:00 A.M.
Ok ive been up since 12...god damn jet lag... and since then ive been making icons...(pretty sad isnt it...) well check em out... And for you new people here ill just tell you this. Use the things on the top to look around the site. I upload a few times a week, and every msg I post theres a link to the site that I think is most interesting... Now you can stop Emailing me and msging me on AIM.....

Red vs bLuE!!!! Best Machina (move made out of a game...) movie series ever... funny as hell...if you get through the first few they get really funny

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