Purefunktions tilde page

Hi and welcome to my tilde page. Had one of these(not geocities, not angelfire the other one..TRIPOD!) back in the day. Fun times!

Will post about my music and GB endeavours when I have time this and that.

Game Boy stuff

I made a drone/noise music application called Droneboy. You can check it out here Droneboy. Open source free of charge.

I also have a youtube channel, somewhat dead but will put up some new vids when I get some more time on me hands. purefunktion youtube

My insta is the place where I put most of my "dawless jams" check it out here p-funk insta



The endless toil and agony.


Rage against the prompt


Bash oneliner to copy the ip address from ifconfig on WSL 2 to the clip board on a windoze. Usefull if you have to alter the hosts file on win. Also remember that you have to add your test domains both in win and WSL 2 host files!

ifconfig | grep -E -o '[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}' | head -1 | clip.exe


Can't save a file if using another user than my own, like nginx can't persist to a sqlite3 db. Tried to write a simple counter. Guess I have to save state somewhere else? Trying out VSCode for the first time, using wsl2 on my win laptop and had a jolly good time setting up wsl as the compiler-server thing...