I'd say this is taking me back, but I actually built my first web site using FrontPage in...2002, I think. Also, I didn't ssh into a server until, like, 2/3 years ago.

I'll get around to do something with this when it's not 3:33 AM. That's GMT time!

Concerning ~s

I'm portuguese. This means I'm actually a world-renowned authority on tildii. As such, allow me to reveal a shocking truth: I know our squiggly companion to consort with letters, yes, letters, no less!

The tilde (til) is used to indicate nasalized vowel sounds. This spelling and nasal diphthongs (such as ão, ãe and õe) are a distinctive characteristic of Portuguese. Contrasting the acute and circumflex accents, the tilde does not necessarily indicate stress, and certainly a few words carry both a tilde and a stress diacritic, e.g. ímã ("magnet") and órgão ("organ").

To do

  1. read amazing tips and tricks compiled by ~pfhawkins and ~procload
  2. learn vim? is it time?
  3. can I make my tilde site a git repo?
  4. CSS? Not a requirement
  5. Guestbook!
  6. No jQuery, ever. Actually learn do to things in JavaScript.
  7. Actually, I probably won't need JavaScript?
  8. Research "how to make a guestbook", check if needs JavaScript


@sunlandictwin, also other social networks which I'l link to some other time.

Written in nano because I still get all the keys to working vim mixed up.

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