~Welcome to my tilde.club/~nitewurx~

Last Edit: 04/07/21

If you are into ecclectic/experimental music
You can find me on Twitch https://twitch.tv/nitewurx
Please feel free to check my VODs, give me a follow if you'd like notification of when I go live next

~A bit of history~

I started on BBS back in 92 or so and setup a VBBS to distro DOOM/DOOM2 WAD files

Got into mIRC a few years later when I started dabbling in computer music
Ran an eggdrop botnet for years on Undernet

By 2000 I found myself too bizzy with IT work in Corp World to focus on that or music anymore
But finally by 2006 or so started again making music and streaming radio privately 24/7

All these years later, I still enjoy experimenting with the gear I've aquired, and reminiscing about the past while listening to my many influence going from new age/ambient, into synthpop & goth, to industrial & metal, then onto dance and IDM


I'll prolly be sharing some various code snippets here soon
Recently been experimenting with making 'music' with ORCA
So watch for that!


Found this place from another streamer, be sure to check them out and follow if you like!
and he's here at https://tilde.club/~tse/
but more accurately, seems he is gemini://tilde.club/~tse/
I grabbed the 'gemini client' he suggested called Lagrange from Github to view 'gemini' pages

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