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What's the deal with 'tilde.club'?

An excerpt from The story of Tilde.Club:

A website-managing friend of mine promptly wrote back: "tildes are only ever properly used in front of usernames on shared hosting." Wait, what?
So! Back in ye olden Inter-Net tymes of the 1990s, if you were a (then youngish) nerd like me, you'd get an account on some server called CyberFox.net and your web address would be http://CyberFox.net/~vixen. (You were "vixen.") And you could put some web pages at that address. The early personal web grew up around these little "tilde sites"; that's what preceded blogging.

Note: These "tilde sites" are often purposely styled similarly to the webpages built in the early 90s, paying homage to that era of computing.

What do I do with my account here?

For one, I use irc for pure text chat with various communities:

Some fun sites I've found via the tildeverse

good hits

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