lofi life on temporal hosts


2021 11 17

Trying to get something done

Today I'm struggling to do anything productive, spent all day clicking on random links. I'm an organic web scrapper with no specific purpose.

Anyway, I realy need to fix the Tesla oauth issues for my client and I think that imitating a public coworking space could help me out. Maybe it could help you out as well. So thats why I've created this Jitsi meeting. Let's experiment together here:

Please mute your microphone. To communicated use Jitsy chat. Thank You!

Update after 5 minutes

I'm unable to stream video for some reason, and my stupid page layout doesn't let Jitsy window to be scaled to a normal size. I suppose video and audio is not allowed because tilde.club is http only.

Update after 15 minutes

Ok, I'm streaming video from my phone, now I need to figure out how to moderate this stuff and then play with some features on the admin panel to disable audio by default (allowing only the moderator to play the music).

Update after 2 hours

I've buried all the hopes to create a heavily configured Jitsy iframe and decided just to create a moderated jitsy instance on https://moderated.jitsy.com. Okay, so now it's time to tell the world that I'm ready to accept anyone who would like to listen music together and try to work in this strange experience. nfo

Update after 5 hours

Ended the stream. Nobody joined, but it's not a big deal. At least I've made some progress with my work and at the end I've drew a placeholder for an ended stream. I hope I'll have motivation to create a new coworking even

2021 11 16

My old desk rearranged

Well, today I've decided to connect a second monitor to my workstation. It was laying on the desk without a use so I am surprised that I haven't done that since the beginning. Here's how it looks:

That's it I guess. Today was a normal day.

Oh, yeah, and I finally remembered the password for my tilde account, I guess that's the reason I'm posting right now.

2021 02 23

Some nice robot music for your evening coding session

Bloop London Radio ยท Midnight Community #31 w/ Robot Koch - 16.02.21

2020 04 02

Going lofi when everything around is on fire

Just for future inspectors - at the moment the world is in covirus pandemic. I feel like for some specific group of people current events bring a relief. No more fake reasons to excuse your self from parties or going to an opera with your wife. It's like a vacation from all that social bullshit that other people expect from you.

Of course for some - nothing changed. Cavemen like me continue to happily sit in their broken armchairs and browse the infinite universe of porn.

Of course I'm talking about the unix porn. Nothing wrong about it. At first it is all about eyecandy and fake nostalgia. All those hacker movies did so, now you can do the same.

But after a while you start to look for a purpose. You remove some anoying transperancy effects from your desktop. Start using browser instead of console for web. Things kinda comes back to the previous state, except they are not. You are coming back, but you've changed.

It will be interesting to see how our society will change after these interesting times. I bet that I'll comeback with an alcohol addiction.