"All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day
Put the pieces back together my way"

Hello and welcome to my Tilde.club page!

You can find me elsewhere on the web @Gl0bZ on Twitter
My personal website @ www.kittybomber.com
Email @ globz at kittybomber dot com
If you are a fan of underground music my project might interest you @octopus

"Be creative, I will never say this enough but if you feel like you have a great idea do not fear any judgement and just do it, believe in yourself.
Tilde.club is exactly the place for this kind of vision, we need people to create things and lead this amazing project in unforeseen directions."

About my role on tilde.club :
I am known as "The Dispatcher" and my role is to process the waiting list of 6K+ users and guide them to other tildeboxes where they can find a place to call home.
The following page lists all of the available tilde.clubs http://tilde.club/~pfhawkins/othertildes.html
If you are a tildebox operator and wish to join "the network" please send me an email and we will add you the list and get you up to speed with our plan.

I created Alice
She's stuck inside tilde.club's unix box, we must save her by editing our webpage.
Please help her survive another day.

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