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hi. i'm fran -he/them-. i make games, music, and web applications.

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doing things you enjoy

A few months ago I noticed I was not doing things I enjoyed, so I booked music composition classes with the amazing Rodrigo Caro and spending at list some time each week making music. I missed it.

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testing netlify cms

I just added Netlify CMS to support content creation on my mobile devices. I'm using it now to post and will try to include an image now. Here's a sneak peak on Animal Liberation Squad, a game we're working on.

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idea: josephs call cli

I would like to create a command-line prototype of joseph's call using Rust with a custom language for narrative design

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atom feed

I'm adding an atom feed to the microblog, I don't know if this is useful to anyone, but I think it might be useful for me in the near future

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the tweet command

I wrote a ruby script to automatically create a post in this microblog. Actually, this was posted using it.

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a new home for small thoughts

i'm setting up this microblog to get in the habit of dumping the stuff that's on my mind without paying much attention to structure or usefulness.

there will be grammar and syntaxis horrors along the way. feel free to reach out if you find any.

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