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story of me

hey there, my name is flozi. when i was 9 years old, i got my first pc with a pentium celeron cpu. when i was 12 i wrote my first trojan, a simple DOS-script with some backdoors from trojans named moonpie and sub7. i saved it on a floppy disk and executed it in my school. after one week, i looked what the script has done, and had access to nearly every pc at my school, 40 units this time.

i deleted the home directorys of some people who bullied me. it was the first time in my life i really feeled like i have the power to do whatever i want, but i dont really know what to do so i just leave them running. my teacher knows i had some serios skills but he gave me a grade 2 just because nobody has become grade 1, so i commanded my trojans to destroy everything on my last day at this school. nobody knows it was me.

this was my whole hacker-career, today im working as a webdeveloper in frankfurt, germany. you can visit and follow me on twitter

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