Still alive in 2024!


The first rule of tilde.club is...never mind. That joke is sooooo played out.


ollow the cobwebs to my other other site Carrying Stones. It may be easier to track me down as ELBeavers just about everywhere else:

Still kicking on June 11, 2024.

I keep trying to forget I am on Facebook, so let's all just agree it doesn't exist.

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FAQ: IRC via SSH Tunnel

This is one for the FAQ. I finally figured out SSH port forwarding, an SSH tunnel, enabling me to use a cool IRC client like Textual 5. It just takes adding a few flags and information when logging in to tilde.club. Instead of logging in like this...

ssh -l elb tilde.club

...log in like this...

ssh -L 6667:irc:6667 elb@irc.tilde.club

Move on to your IRC client settings. I'm using Textual 5 for Mac OS X 10.10 (aka Yosemite public beta). In the Server Settings -> General, just enter localhost as your server using port 6667. Connect to your new server and join #tildeclub. Enjoy the joy (nerds)!

Also, tilde.club'ber ~agray posted another way to accomplish this.


Thanks to Paul Ford for putting this server together. Several others also deserve thanks for pitching in to help keep it going. Props to the original donors:

You can always learn more about this social experiment at tilde.club.

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