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Hello, and welcome to my cozy retro home page! This page is tribute to the simpler times, when exploring The Web was adventure, and websites were not bloated.

My name is dmi3 (ˈdmiːtri). Most interesting things I've done are rugged Raspberry Pi laptop (and other gadgets), collection of useful scripts for Linux users and Fish shell config.


  • Building a Nixie Clock is easier and cheaper then you might think [TEXT][IMG]
  • Keyboard Scroll Wheel mod: Now with STLs! [TEXT][IMG]
  • Built a Macro Pad with Knob and Display [TEXT][IMG]
  • Photo of the Day: Radiation Detector [TEXT][IMG]
  • My perfect playlist for programming [TEXT][IMG]
  • Music Control Tip [TEXT][IMG]
  • Contemporary quote about AI [TEXT][IMG]
  • Get Url Preview with Image and Description in Markdown Notes [TEXT][IMG]
  • Show Color or Black and White Emojis in different applications [TEXT][IMG]
  • Your keyboard needs a Scroll Wheel: a Simple Mod [TEXT][IMG]

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