This will probably appear pretentious at first, but hear me out:

I've had a blog before, it even had some traffic going to it, and a miniscule amount of people actually commenting on the posts.

But towards the end of that endeavour I got caught up in feeling a need to continue producing posts, and in so doing also lowered the quality of the posts going out.

And that was so far removed from the reason I started writing the blog (i.e. practice my writing, and document (mostly for myself, but if others found it useful, all the better) things that had stumped me), that I eventually just quit. Without fanfare, without ceremony, I just stopped updating.

And for the last couple of years, I have been maintaining a personal wiki (powered by vimwiki), and this has been completely offline, thus only benefiting myself, and at that, only when I am at a computer from which I could access said wiki.

Then it hit me. I don't really want a blog. I want a knowledge base, a wiki. And that could be shared online, hopefully benefiting others as well.

Now, you might think to yourselves "well, why doesn't he use some real wiki-software so that others may contribute, or contribute to some other knowledge repository elsewhere." Fair question. The only answer I can truthfully give will probably make me sound like an asshole: Cooperation with other people can be extremely difficult depending on the wills of the parties involved. I do not pretend to be easy to cooperate with, some will find me agreeable, others will not. But cooperation can be draining in the best of circumstances, and with anonymity over the Internet... it is just not something I am willing to put myself through. That's not where I wish to spend my energy.

It also usually requires handling opinions, and in this part of the Internet, my part of the Internet, I let my opinions reign. So when I say that I prefer Vim to Emacs, that is obviously my subjective opinion, and sure, people can wish that they'd be able to convince me otherwise, but why should they? And why should I let them?

And so here we are.

Now, vimwiki also makes it easy to write a diary/journal, so it is not outside the realm of possibility that chronologically ordered entries will be made as well, but if I can limit myself from writing too many of those sorts, then perhaps I also won't generate into low-quality posts...

UPDATE: Or perhaps that is the wrong way to go about it altogether... While it is beneficiary to create a knowledgebase, the story behind why certain knowledge ended up in there may also be of value (especially if I, or someone else, attempts to search for an answer online to a specific problem, and uses the words that went into the description of what I was attempting to accomplish, which in turn genereated the knowledge-entry).

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