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"There are many like it (blah blah blah you know the rest)"

I'm a nerd of many flavors. I've got my hands in microelectronics, fiber arts (both modern and ancient), ham radio, ceramics, Python scripting, lampwork, soaping, web development, gardening, fountain pens, computer-aided drawing, 3D printing, laser engraving, marlinspike arts, emergency management, medieval studies, and community service.

"The ways in which I manage to use CSS to bend content to my will are ever increasing." ~cordelya

About These Pages

I've written and laid out these pages using HTML and CSS. I'm endeavoring to not use javascript or PHP, though if the number of pages increases any further I may switch to using PHP just to factor the header, sidebar, and footer out into simple includes so I need to maintain each of those only once. Because at present, these pages certainly aren't DRY!

In the event that I do end up using javascript, I will be sure to include NOSCRIPT alternatives to ensure that if you have js disbled or are using a broswer without js support, you'll at least see something.

I'll occasionally verify that these pages look alright when using Lynx.

CSS Resources

It's never too late to learn a little CSS - and a little may be all that you need.