October 19th, 2014

There was a time when I actually loved the internet. I didn't love much back then, to be honest, I was in law school and hating every minute of it and just totally lost. I spend years in my tiny flat waiting for my 28.8-modem to connect me to people, because there was no connection in my world.
And now - not so much anymore. It feels like a pretty little hate machine, most of the time. And putting stuff out there makes me feel empty and vulnerable, when it used to make me feel vulnerable and held. Or something. I kinda hate this nostalgia of mine, btw, because I believe in the now. Everything is better now than it ever was. And yet. Anyway. Tilde. Not so much internet, right? Are there any brands I can engage with, yet?

Hello world, this is me, @misscaro.