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October 17, 2014


My http://t.co/bV4qTaOZsc habit: start on @goldman’s http://t.co/BbycOC7kjV and then read all the links in his blogroll.

— Buster (@buster) October 18, 2014

11:25pm I need Blogger. Wait, does Blogger still work? Woah. Oh, but it doesn't do the ftp'ing anymore. When did that go away? 2010! More recently than I would've guessed.

October 4, 2014

12:27pm What others might not know is that there's a backchannel on the server with some people talking via chatrooms and broadcast messages.

12:23pm Of course, my first instinct here is to set up a blog with timestamps and permalinks. #bloggerdna

12:20pm Just setting up my tilde.club.