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Praise the Sun!

Python/JS developer | gamer | Soulsborne lover | SunBro4Life | Nostalgic freak (as one can tell from this page) | Really like a lot of weird stuff | Believe in Linux, vim and opensource | Also Docker and DevOps stuff | Major weeabo and animu lover, desu | Soulsborne girls best waifus

I tried my best to keep the markup of this page in this warm and nostalgic 1337 h@xx0r web 1.0 style with all the thinkable and unthinkable HTML/CSS bad practices one can expect from the 10 y.o. 1337 h@xx0r who just opened teh internets for himself :) This page is made mostly for fun and to piss the hell off some of my colleagues, though I really do miss those times, hehe!

Be thy very own Sun, and don't you dare go hollow!

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