ape on tilde club

hello! I'm new to tilde.club. as for this site, please pardon the appearance; I'm doing as much as possible "by hand" for sake of some imagined, improbable learning.

if you're unlucky, you may one day see some speculative writing from me in this space.

some topics of interest to me:

you're welcome to reach out to me on my tilde.club email about any of these.

what I'm currently reading (as of 2019-09-21)

below, I'm just trying stuff out

syntax highlighting (using highlight.js):
# python

import string

crappy_cipher = list(enumerate(string.ascii_lowercase, start=1))
// rust

enum Shape {
    Rectangle(f64, f64),
nice looking math (using MathJax): sometimes math \( \int_0^1 x^2 dx = 1/3 \) is inline, and sometimes $$ H_1(X; \mathbb{Z}) \cong \mathbb{Z} \oplus ( \mathbb{Z} / 2 ) $$ it takes up a line of its own.